Darling Butterfly



Welcome to my Blog

     Howdy crafty people and welcome to my blog. I never thought I would venture into this area of technology since I am not a very tech savvy girl. However, I have been told so many times that I should start a blog to have a place to show case my crafty lil creations, so here it is.  Bare with me though, as I am uncertain of exactly how to set all this up and it is taking me forever to get this blog ready for viewing and hopefully following. I am a member of the Cricut msg. board and Paper Craft Planet and I have posted a lot of my crafts on there as well as a couple tutorials. I am planning on having a gallery and a place for tutorials for anyone that is interested in learning how I made something. I have learnt sooo much in the past four years about the awesome world of paper crafting from many talented crafters that were kind enough to share tutorials and even videos with all of us. You tube is a great place for how- to- videos when you just don't understand the written instructions. I don't know how to do videos yet so for now my tutorials will be very detailed written instructions with pics to coincide.
     I hope you enjoy looking around my blog and find some inspiration. I look forward to having followers and reading comments about what you have seen here and what you like. It would be awesome to have you as a follower and hopefully, in time, a friend. Ty for stopping by and please come back often and visit. I have a couple shout outs to a few friends that encouraged me to start this blog: to my friend Maria of Germany from PCP, very talented card maker and she makes awesome lil pillow and stuff. To my friend Karen of Nova Scotia, she doesn't consider herself a crafty lady but she has made some really beautiful things for her daughters wedding and then her sons, she is an amazing photographer and excellent at photoshop. To all the wonderful individuals who's blogs I have visited for inspiration or just because I was surfing around crafty websites and found them along the way. There's way to many to list here but I will occassionally mention a certain blog here and there and hopefully figure out how to add a link so you can jump to there blogs, they are all amazingly talented.
     So have a great day, may the good lord bless you and yours and keep you all safe. If you have a blog you would like me to visit feel free to post it in the comments section for me and I will pop by. Thanks again and Happy Crafting!!!