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Christmas at my house

     Christmas is the most important holiday, well day even of the whole year. It's when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, and we spread kindness and cheer to all we meet. Most everyone that celebrates this holiday is happy and excited for the day to come. To see family all together around a large dinner table, talking of their day, the morning with the kids, and the funny things they said when they opened certain presents. I, like my grandmother before me, look forward to and plan for this day all yr long. Starting the shopping on boxing day, when all the stores are open with huge discounts to get rid of as much of their excess stock as possible. And watching for sales through out the yr, or just finding things that are neat that remind me of a certain someone, I have to get it for them cause I just know they will love it.
     This page is about christmas at my house, the way I love to decorate every yr. I take pics of the placement of my ornaments. Pics of my tree, my village, my outdoor lights, treats I make, anything that has to do with making everything festive. I love it and am so grateful for such a magnificent day in our lives, it definately gives me something to look forward to. There is one part of the Christmas season I don't like, how cold it is and that yucky white stuff we have to contend with. I like when it snows Christmas eve and makes our world a winter wonderland but it can leave for good Dec. 26, wouldn't bother me one bit! Anyway I just wanted a place to share pics of Christmas at my house for you all to look at, maybe we have some of the same decorations, or we decorate and take pics of our set ups that we are proud of showing off! If you like my pics, please leave me a comment and I hope you have a great Christmas every year!
 Christmas morning 2009

Small part of my angel collection

 Santa Collection
 Just had to have this guy...so cute 

 Such a fun Santa Ornament, had to have him to...he's to cute
 I made 35 of these one yr and never had one for me, I inherited my grandfathers when he passed in 2007
Picked this up at the second hand store, it's so pretty, I hang it at the bk door to greet guests
Totally love this angel with the nativity inside, a gift from hubby 2008
I debated on taking the pics off the wall, now I kinda wish I had 
 The village on the old tv stand, and the nativity up in the corner
Christmas 2008

     Well that's it for now, I can't find the rest of my pics, will have to decorate and take more I guess, LOL! Hope you enjoyed looking at them, thank you for stopping by!