Darling Butterfly



I'm baacccccckkkkkk!!!

HIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, woooowwwwww, you look fabulous!!!!....It's soooo great to be back............I haven't been able to sign into my blog for months.....AGAIN......it kept telling me my sign in name or pw were incorrect but I believed I was correct....today I discovered I wasn't.....I don't have it written down any where so I am relying on this old brain and it's lackidaisical (sp??) memory, or rather lack there of....OMG....I should have known better!!  DOH!!!  YAY I can visit people and comment on their blogs again....finally....ohhh ya, not to mention I get to blog again...woot wooottt, I think I am writing this down....but will I remember where I hide it, lol that is the million dollar question LOL
So happy to see you....ty for visiting and if you left me a comment that I didn't ty for I am very sry and ty so very much....will be working on visiting you soon and see what you've been up to....I have a lot of blogs to check up on so bare with me :)  big inky hugs......tc


  1. Welcome back Cindy. You have a lot of catching up to do, enjoy! hugs Sharon

  2. Glad your are back! Just popping in to say "hello"!