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I won!! I won!!!

     Hello my crafty friend,  guess what?!?! I get emails from FaveCrafts all the time, daily at least, sometimes more than once a day from different editors. In one of these emails I was reading I seen that you could enter a project to win a flip pal scanner. I wasn't sure what that was so I checked it out and it is way cool.

 January Blog Hop Winner
     I decided hey, why not I have just as good a chance as any one else right?  So I entered, then told all my friend on FB, and other places I play regularly, called family members etc. and asked for their support. I even told them if they had something they were proud of and wanted a chance at it to enter, and to let me now so I could vote for them as well. I voted for almost every project that was entered anyway :) Every month on the 15th you can enter one of your projects into their contest, if it meets the criteria, or create a new project for your chance to win a fabulous prize. 
     You can see the contest posting here the project I entered here which is project entry #5. This is the post where I was declared the winner here, woohoo. Do you think I am a little excited, I never one anything like this before, it's so awesome.  I just received the email this morning for my mailing address YAY!!! It will be on it's way shortly, can't wait to play with it. I did have a bit of trouble getting the email, not sure what happened but I couldn't find it in my reg or junk email even though I knew it was sent. I guess it is floating in cyber space some where.   LOL!

Hi Cindy,

I sent the email directly to you, not via our blogger list. Perhaps it 
went into spam? Here's what it said: Congratulations! You won our 
January Blog Hop prize! Can you please send me your address so I can 
send the scanner to you? Congrats again, and thanks for participating!



Karisa Tell

a few contact details have been omitted for Karisa's sake :) 

     I would like to thank everyone that voted for me, you guys are awesome! Don't forget to sign up to Favecrafts, it doesn't matter what type of craft you are into, there is bound to be something on there that appeals to you, or maybe someone you know. Fun site! Ty for popping by and checking out my exciting news today, I wish you a great craft happy day!

Cindy   :)


I want to win a CAMEO don't you?

     OMG are you kidding me :) Win a Cameo.....of course I would love to win a Cameo, I want a new cutting machine that I can use to cut anything and I have heard fantastic things about this cutter. If you would like a chance to win to check out all the deets, and get your entries in click


The Silhouette CAMEO™ is an electronic cutting tool for personal use. Like a home printer, it plugs into your PC or Mac® with a simple USB cable. However, instead of printing it uses a small blade to cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric and more up to 12" wide and 10 feet long. The machine also boasts a quiet motor and the ability to register and cut printed materials.
In the box
Silhouette electronic cutting tool
Silhouette Studio® software for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac® OS X 10.5.8 and higher
51 exclusive cuttable designs
Power cable, USB cable
12" cutting mat
Cutting blade
$10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store
Basic Instruction Guide

Good Luck, Cindy  :)


My son's b-day card

     Hi there, just me again LOL. I wanted to share the card I made for my second son's birthday which was yesterday, Jan. 25th. This card didn't start out as his, but I do love how it turned out and I am glad I took the direction I did. One of my favourite stamp sets to collect are Peachy Keen, and I like to join in their challenges. Not only to try to win a prize but also to use the adorable stamps I am spending my hubby's hard earned money on when I can sneak a little from him, LOL! Not being able to work sucks!
     The newest challenge is PK Challenge 01: Pockets. We were asked to create a project that has a pocket on it, any kind of pocket we desire. Great challenge, I love being able to freely create anything I want with one simple stipulation. Well except that I have too many ways to interpret it, LOL! So I knew I needed to have a pocket and if I wanted to be eligible for the prize (of course ;} ) I needed to use a PK stamp. No problem, I don't have as many as some but I have more than others to choose from. It also helps that I got my aunt hooked on these bad boys as well and lucky for me she left her stamps in my craft room for me to use whenever my lil ole heart desires, YAY tx aunt Kathy, love ya.
     I had the idea to make a card that resembled a pair of jeans, with one of the back pockets on it, I was planning on making a cute little valentine like the one's kids give out in school with one of the PK flower stamps, and I did get it all coloured up and layered and looking cute, but then I couldn't decide whether to put it on the pocket resembling a patch or make it into a little valentine and stuff it in the pocket. I suppose I could have just coloured up another one and did both ideas, LOL to late now.
     I did a lot of faux stitching on the waist band, belt loops and pocket to make it look like jeans, on my denim look paper. I wish I had more of that stuff, it's awesome, I love it! It is thin paper though so I cut a piece of white card stock to size and glued them together. I have these templates that go with my black foam pad called In Stitchz by Bassill Basics. I used part of one to make the holes on the pocket and then sewed the pattern on it with my white embroidery floss. I used my eyelet setter on the top two corners of the pocket for the closed eyelets, if that's what they are called. LOL
    Suddenly I thought to myself hey I could make a man's wallet for in the pocket, then another thought, heyyyy it's Jay's bday on wed and I need a bday card for Thursdays challenge at The Outlawz, I should do that, yaaaaaa, and so my card was born. I made the wallet and then was wondering how am I going to make it easy to get the wallet out of the pocket with out him ripping it, then I had the vision in my head of some guys that have their wallets with the chains attached to it and then it is hooked to a belt loop, so people can't pick pocket your wallet I suppose. I knew I had some light chain in with some beads and stones I have from some cheapo jewellery I bought for their charms. I took it and found a larger thin key ring type thingy and hooked it to the belt loop and the wallet. I think it turned out pretty sweet don't you? It actually remind me of my father in laws jeans, may he rest in peace, but he always wore light blue jeans.

     I made blue $5.00, purple $10.00 and green $20.00 bills out of tissue paper that I just inked in their coordinating colours, and wrote their currency amount on in a coordinating gel pen. I cut different coloured strips of paper and rounded the corners to resemble gift cards and such. He is really into movie's and video games so those are the types of cards I made. I really love the black paper I used for the belt and wallet it has a shiny leather look to it so it was perfect for this project :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to see what I have been up to. I hope you like my sons birthday card, I know he does :) Perhaps I have inspired you to get crafty and make something for someone you love on their special day. I love to read comments from my visitors and would love to hear from you, so if you have a minute could you please let me know you were here. I will pop over to your blog to say heyy and show you some love tooo :) Thanks again, have a blessed day and make it scrappy.

Cindy   :)

Blends Join Hands Blog Hop Winner Jan. 22, 2012

     Hi and welcome back, if your new here please have  a look around, check out some of my projects and please leave me a comment on what you see so I can come visit your blog and leave you some love too.
     I would like to thank Jessica for asking me to be a part of this hop, which was a fantastic experience, it was only my second but my first was wrought with problems and didn't leave me with a taste for being in a hop. It was good though because I was prepared and knew what I was doing this time around, ;) So ty Jessica, I was honoured to be a part of your very special day.  HUGS
     I would also like to thank every single one of you wonderful hoppers that stopped by, left me a comment and are now a new follower. I so appreciate you, and I am working my way through the list of comments to get to visit your blog, ty for becoming a follower and to follow you back. A few of you don't have a blog but if I haven't already I will get by and ty as well whatever way I have to contact you.
     I just wanted to let you all know who is the winner of the candy I offered on my blog during the hop. To refresh your memory I was lucky enough to be given permission to offer you a $25.00 blog candy certificate to Nikki Schlitz Calmes webstore: http://paperpiecingsbynikki.com!The lucky and talented winner is Margaret of  Maggie's Cat House, drop by and say hello, I'm sure she'd be happy to have you. Congratulations Margaret, I really hope you enjoy your prize,  I will get the information right out to you!
     To pick a winner, I did the same as the lovely Jessica did minus the video of course, my 21 yr old son isn't near as cute as her two little helpers, and he was at work when I was doing this, LOL!  I wrote all the names from the comments on my post, put them in a container, shook like crazy and hand plucked the winning name. I took pics along the way tooo LOL!!!

     Thank you for stopping by, I hope you come back again soon, and I look forward to checking out and following your blog if I haven't already....have a blessed day and make it Scrappy!

Cindy   :)


Peachy Keen Challenge 01: Pockets

     Hi, thank you for popping by today, your just in time too! I have a new post for this weeks  PK challenge. We were asked to create something with a pocket,  "whether it folds tucks or hides a treat, pockets are a fun way to add something extra." And you've just got to see the prize.....I really would love to win this set, isn't that the cutest happiest mouse you ever seen, and those beer mugs, OMG I need those, my aunt and uncle drink their beer in mugs, and my uncle is Irish! I could make them so many cards with this set and those shamrocks!
     Well I thought and pondered,  pondered and thought...hmmmmmmmmm pockets ehhhhh. I kept thinking about a pair of jeans with a pocket on them and I actually made the card, but then I couldn't decide whether to put the PK flower stamp on the pocket to look like I patched a hole in it, or put it on a tag to stuff inside it. I ended up making a black "buxton" wallet with fake money and gift cards inside, and am giving it to my son for his birthday which is today! I love the card, it turned out awesome, but I couldn't put the flower patch on it now, not masculine enough. LOL
     So that left me hrs into a project and nothing for this challenge. Back to the drawing board. Back to thinking and pondering, pondering and thinking, hmmmmmmmmm what should I do! I knew I wanted to make something for Valentine's day, and I wanted it to be really special, then the idea popped into my head, well more like a saying, "you make my heart sing" this kept popping into my head the whole time I was playing around with stuff and thinking of ideas. I finally came up with this project and  I love it.  So does my hubby, he was totally thrilled how it turned out. He is usually pretty complimentary of everything I make, but this project he kept saying how awesome he thought it was, every once in a while he goes crazy over one of my projects, LOL  awwwww tx hubby!:)
     Now that I knew what I wanted to make, I  had to figure out how to implement it and make it functional. It took me a while but I got it done and it works, LOL!!  I was going for the love birds sitting in an apple tree in bloom in spring time, ya I know it's a valentine, but it needed some flowers somewhere and I figured apple blossoms would work, or my attempt at them since I had love birds in a tree....lol!!
     This card was another opportunity to use up a couple pieces of acrylic pkging. I save the pkging from my cricut carts and spellbinders sets among other things to use on my cards and other crafts. I covered both red hearts with it and left extra hanging over on the first one to stamp the music notes on, and the second one to glue the love birds to in order to hide the music notes. That's why you see a funny shadow on the second image, it looks like the paper has an odd pattern or something, just a reflection,  lol! Not sure if you can make it out in the pic, (unless you click on it) but there are a bunch of pop dots to help create the pocket. And you can see another funny shadow lol, its me taking the pick from above, LOL!

     For the doves, I cut out the bird from a card making quickutz limited edition set I bought a few yrs back, which is called lifestyle crafts now, yay! I had a hard time finding quickutz dies and was sad thinking we lost a great company, I love their dies, especially the sentiments, perfect for card making. I didn't want to use just plain white card stock so I used a grey marker and coloured a bit on a piece of the acryllic pkg, picked some colour up with my dove blender pen and made a shadow under the wings, and a few lines on the tail feathers. and the separate wing cuts. I coloured the mouth with an orange pencil crayon and dotted the eye with a black sharpie. Then I coated each piece with VersaMark and white translucent embossing powder and heated.  This gave the doves a very soft feel, however there were a lot of unidentified specs in the powder so I have specs all over my birds LOL. I tried and tried to get a good pic of them but it just kept coming out blurry, finally I got one that wasn't to bad,  this is the best I could do, sry, but hey it doesn't show all the specs as badly, awesome!
     So for my project I used my spellbinders dies for all the cut outs except of course the doves. The branch and leaves are from the "Bugs" retired set, ribbon banners for the sentiment,  classic scalloped hearts and classic hearts for the white pocket and red hearts. The flowers are mini prima's from their glass bottle marked May that I inked in a soft pink, added a yellow gem and some glue then pushed up the petals to cup the flower and make it 3D looking till it dried in that shape! The faces are from PK-570 Basic Paper doll Face Assortment, and the sentiment is from PK-267 Happy Bird and phrases. I embossed the pink background piece with a lrg cuttlebug folder from the "Love is in the air" set. Inked it slightly with cranberry Color Box pigment ink. 
     I hope you liked my project today, and if you have a minute I would love it if you would drop me a line so I can visit you and check out what you've been up to lately :) Thank you so much for stopping by, have a blessed day, and keep it scrappy!

Cindy        :)



Blends Join Hands Blog Hop JAN. 22, 2012

Hello Friends!!!

                                YAY     IT"S      HERE....
                                 “TODAY IS THE DAY”

Please feel free to grab this button and display it on your blog to 
encourage your friends to join in on the fun too.
There will be some fun prizes up for grabs along the HOP ! ! !
     I am thrilled and  honoured to be considered one of Jessica's "Blends". What an awesome way to extend your hand in friendship Jessica, ty so much for inviting me to be part of this fantastic celebration. I know all that join us today will be so glad they did, you've done a fantastic job of putting this all together. The prizes are amazing, I would be so lucky to have this kind of candy for my 1st blogaversary in Oct. WOW!!!
     We have a lot of amazing crafters in the line up today folks, personally I can't wait to see what everyone has in store for us. I have kept my project a secret to give Jessica the wonderful feeling of  "surprise" on her special day. Congratulations Jessica and best wishes for many more blogaversaries to come :)
     As I looked through your entire blog, searching for that one project that inspired me so to make something special I saw how much you have grown artistically in the past year, that's what it's all about my friend.  It wasn't an easy task picking something I tell you.  I have a hard time if there are to many choices, and I  always want to put in 110% to please the person I am doing it for. 
     After several sessions of stalking your blog I kept coming back to one card  you made that I totally loved and finally decided this is the one. I love hearts, angels,  butterflies and pink, and this card had it all. It's gorgeous Jessica, the image is fantastic, I love it!
      I wanted it to be really special so I spent a lot of time thinking about what I was going to make. I had so many ideas floating around in my head, I just couldn't decide. I went shopping for some valentines related paper for another project and came across a wooden craft heart, and the idea was born. The last one in the store I might add, destiny? :)  Then when I was at the check out I saw this awesome pack of kleenex with hearts all over it, and in my fave colour no less :) 

  I also made a card  branching off of Jessica's sentiment on her card. :) If you would like to check out all the deets on my project I will be doing a separate post for them :)
     I know it's pretty girly, but I did make it with my hubby in mind, but I knew if I made it all manly he'd like it for a while and never think of it again, I will love it forever :) He will love it I'm sure, because I made it. I wanted to add ribbon but had to draw the line somewhere on the girly stuff LOL I figured, valentine's day is less than a month away and our 30th Anniversary a month later, why not :) 
     I'm sure everyone is gonna ask where I got the sentiment stamp for the heart, so I took a pick of it before I masked and altered it. I had this saying running through my head for days and I didn't know how to make it like that in different fonts to print it so what else could I do LOL :) Believe me, masking this wasn't easy

                                                       NOW ON TO ALL THE FABULOUS PRIZES WE PROMISED YOU!!! 

      A few days ago a fb friend did a post offering blog candy for our blog hops if we were looking. I told her I was in this hop and asked if I could get her to sponsor me, she happily agreed. So I am so thrilled to be able to offer you a $25.00 blog candy certificate to Nikki Schiltz Calmes webstore: http://paperpiecingsbynikki.com This is fantastic, ty so much Nikki!

                                                 Adorable banner toooo, love the lil wagging tail and blinking eyesl...omg!!! LOL

We are  also honored to have Stephanie of Whimsical Designs as our Grand Prize Sponsor
One Random Hopper will be selected to win
the entire New Release of Whimsical Designs Stamps
 This is a fabulous stamp set with wonderful and unique images and sentiments.  You are
sure to find a sentiment to fit every occasion!!!!

I am also honored to have Julie K of A Little Bit of Bling and 3 Girl JAM 
as an additional Prize Sponsor


One Random Hopper will be selected to win

the entire Valentine's Day Bundle
 This ribbon is so fun to use in projects, the colors are vibrant, and 
the prices are OUTSTANDING
* * * * * * * * * *

I am offering not 1, not 2, but . . . 3 Unity Stamp Goody Bags to 3 lucky Hoppers!!!
Each bag is filled with 16 random Unity Stamps

                 Unity Stamp Company

I had so much fun stamping the goody bags, with Unity Stamps of course, and 
getting them prepped to go to their new homes!!!

I am also offering 2 Lucky Hoppers
1 set (5 per set) of my Handmade Corsage Pins
for you to use in your own creations

For a final prize to a lovely Hopper
I will offer one
$10 Gift Certificate to be used at
Pink By Design


? ? ? How about THOSE PRIZES ? ? ?
And, there is SURE to be more
awesome CANDY along the way!!!


1 . Jessica - Jessica's Craft Shaque  http://jessicascraftshaque.blogspot.com 
2.  Candace - Scrappin' 2 Lil Princesses  http://scrappin2littleprincesses.blogspot.com/ 
3.  Luisa - Creative Designs by Luisa  http://www.creativedesignsbyluisa.com/ 
 4.  Cindy - Tools of a Cropping Queen  http://toolsofacropingqueen.blogspot.com/ 
 5.  Lisa - A Mermaid's Crafts  http://indymermaid.blogspot.com/ 
 6.  Beckie - Just B Creative Crazy  http://justbcreativecrazy.blogspot.com/ 
 7.  Julie - A Little Bit of Bling / 3 Girl JAM  http://jk-littlebitofbling.blogspot.com/ 
 8.  Carri - Double Click Connections http://doubleclickconnections.blogspot.com/ 
9. Sonia - Cards, Crafts, and Kids Projects  http://cardsandschoolprojects.blogspot.com/ 
10.  Cindy - cre8ivecindy  http://cre8ivecindy.blogspot.com/ 
11.  Robin - The Cricut Scrapper  http://thecricutscrapper.blogspot.com/ 
 12.  Nataliya - Love Crafts Forever  http://lovecraftsforever.blogspot.com/ 
13. Stephanie - Whimsical Designs  http://www.whimsical-designs.com/  

Now, for the Rules (pretty simple)

1.  Hop along to each of the Hop Stops

2.  Leave a comment and become a follower at EACH stop, if you aren't already

3.  Stop back here and let me know what you thought about the entire Hop
and tell me which Project was your favorite

4.   For an extra entry into the drawing for any of the prizes here,  join in on the fun!!
Create a project by using one of my past creations as inspiration.  Post about it on your blog, explaining which project inspired you, and leave me another comment  with the link to your project!  
You will have until January 25th at Noon (EST) to finish the Hop and Link Your Projects.

5.   For another chance to get some extra entries into the drawing for any of the prizes I am offering,
Just stop back to let me know how you did it...sidebar, blog post, FB share, etc.....(1 extra entry for each time you spread the news) 


The winners will be chosen by Random and announced after I have gathered all the comments and consulted with all of my Blends!!!


Peachy Keen Linky Party Challenge

     It's a new year and a new challenge. You may well know that Peachy Keen has a brand new design team, and the challenges are more streamlined. A new one every Friday, and the chance at one of two badges you can proudly display on your blog. I would love to have one of each for my blog. :)
     To earn top peach you must use  a PK stamp somewhere on your project....if you don't have one... no worries, check them out here, you can start your collection for only a few dollars. :) I have plenty face stamp sets for now, I want to start collecting the less expensive individual character stamps, like the snowman looking up at the sky, snowmen sledding down the hill, really cute ghosts and so many more adorable stamps. The more options I have the more projects I can create. Before the first challenge of the new year is revealed PK decided to throw a linky party. We can make what ever we want as long as it has a Peachy Keen Stamp on it somewhere. I do adore my PK stamps but I spent a lot of time pondering what to make.
     I also play along with the challenges over at The Outlawz and was looking through the challenges trying to decide what to do for them as well. On Tuesdays they always have a colour challenge. This weeks colours were black, lime green and tangerine and the inspiration pic was that of a parrot, for an added twist we needed to include feathers. Which could be insinuated by the use of an image of a bird.  When I looked at the pic Tweety and Sylvester popped into my head and this is what I came up with.
     I didn't have green feathers so I ran a green ink pad over a white one several times, chopped it up in pieces and randomly glued them on, to resemble the franticness of the bird wanting to escape the eyes of the cat.  LOL :)  I like when the challenge gives you just enough to go on but your free to use your imagination as well. Creating a scene is one of my favourite things to do, this one was really fun and makes me chuckle every time I look at it. I hope it give you some facial sunshine as well. :)
     Thank you for popping by my blog today, I hope you come join the challenges over at http://peachykeenstampschallenge.blogspot.com. !

Cindy   :)


Cricut Craft Room's Winter and Snow Blog Hop

  Hey there my crafty friend, so glad you popped by today. I am one of the blogs in a line up for a fun blog hop celebrating winter and snow hosted by Erica over at her Cricut Craft Room Blog. If you have happened upon my blog and want to play along, please start at the beginning:   http://mycricutcraftroom.blogspot.com  ty!
 Welcome to My Cricut Craft Room's Winter & Snow Blog Hop
                              You should have come from  http://mybugandmecreate.blogspot.com 
     For my project I wanted to use the phrase "warm winter wishes"! 1. because I really like it and 2.  it reminds me of old movies and people getting letters from loved ones far away! It has that sentimental feeling of home and family to it for me, and since I love snow people it's perfect for a winter/snow themed project!  :) I hope you like my card, deets to follow :)

Mailbox  ~~ My Community ~~ at 1.41 x 2.65
Snow woman ~~  Doodlecharms ~~  at 4.56 X 4.15,  using hide contour for all the inner cuts
Hat ~~ Paper Doll dress-up ~~ at 2.87 X 4.06
Mittens ~~ Everyday Paper Dolls ~~ at 1.86 X 4.71
Scarf ~~ Snow Friends ~~ at 2.91 X 3.51
Arms ~~ Doodlecharms~~  at 1.59 X 1.19  hide contour interior cuts, after machine cutting, snip off the beak Face ~~ PK-493 Everyday Character Face Parts & More ~~ Peachy Keen stamps
Sentiment is hand written on the  smallest Labels Ten Spellbinders Die
     I used several cartridges to create my snowwoman. It is one I personally designed about 3 year or 4 years ago in cricut design studio, then redesigned last year on my gypsy. It is one of my favourite cut files to date and I make a lot of cards using this snowman cut, I just change up the hat and scarf on occasion  to make different styles for snowmen and snow woman. Also changing the arms to accommodate what ever they may be holding, or have arms in different positions for waving and stuff.  I used  my Peachy Keen Stamps for the face, of course,  love them! And added glossy accents to them  for a little added dimension.
      My card base is slightly larger than I usually use, I cut it at 5.75 X 6.50. I love the snowflake designer paper by DCWV  from The Christmas Stack, I've had it for about 2 yrs maybe 3.  I  used it for my background, cutting it at 5.25X 5.75 and adhering to the top half of the card base.  I took a white card stock rectangle which was about 2" deep by 5.75 wide and used my Kimberley Poloson rotary cuttery to cut it in half in a wavy pattern to give me uneven snowy layers. I then ran them through the xyron and coated with MS fine white glitter.
     Whoops, missed a spot, didn't notice that with these $ store glasses, LOL  sry! The mail box was assembled and glued directly to the card base first, kind of on an angle, like you sometimes see mail boxes in the winter from the plough pushing the snow towards them. Did a bit of doodling on the pole and the front of the mailbox, note the name on it :)
     Now I think I should have used I.C. Snow, LOL. Then I glued the tallest of the two snow strips I made with the xyron on overlapping the mailbox pole. Added a bunch of pop dots to the snow woman, the top snowy strip, the letter and the sentiment and attached. I didn't really want to cover up the snowflakes paper, cause I think they are so pretty but wanted my sentiment on the front of the card. The letter is just hand cut and doodled, although I could have cut it out with the mailbox, I made it before I found the cut for it, and I wanted it bigger to add the "sealed with a kiss" acronym and the lipstick kiss ;) A bit of doodling here and there on her accessories and she's done!
     Don't forget to comment on ALL of the blogs in this hop to be entered to win the BRAND NEW set of K. Andrew Designs It's Valentine's Stamp Set , what a fabulous prize, love all those sweet sentiments, awesome!
                                 Next you should go to   http://mincedpaper.blogspot.com   
 In case you get lost along the way, here is the entire line up...

Start-  http://mycricutcraftroom.blogspot.com
Jessica -http://thecreativestamperspot.blogspot.com
Teresa - http://scrappintplace.blogspot.com 
Carla - http://racincrafts.blogspot.com 
Indira - http://craftyhomemade.blogspot.com
Erica- http://ericasprojects.blogspot.com
Cori- http://createdbycori.blogspot.com
Doris - http://mybugandmecreate.blogspot.com
Cindy - http://toolsofacropingqueen.blogspot.com 
Laurie - http://mincedpaper.blogspot.com
Lisa - http://handmadewithlove-lisa.blogspot.com 
Blog Candy- http://ericasblogcandy.blogspot.com

     Hope your having fun on the hop!  I'm sending you warm winter wishes as well, your next stop is
http://mincedpaper.blogspot.com    take care and thank you so much for stopping by. Please leave me a comment so I can pop by your blog and leave some love!

Cindy  :)



     Hello and welcome to my first hop. Over the past four years of being on this wonderful journey in the awesome world of crafting I have met some amazing people all thanks be to the internet. If this tool wasn't available we would still be so limited. It has opened up a whole new world for all of us and it is exciting to be a part of it. On this journey I have met and become good friends with a lot of amazingly talented and wonderful individuals, mostly ladies but their are quite a few men out their crafting too! Just as talented and friendly, so I include them tooo! :)  I am so glad you have popped by and would ask that you mark your calendars because one of my closest crafty friends will be celebrating her first blogaversary soon and I have been lucky enough to join in the celebration by being a part of my very first hop. I have hopped all over blog land but never had one on my blog, so this is so exciting for me. To join in the fun and have a chance in winning some awesome prizes please keep reading. 

Hello BlogLand!  

It is with great pleasure and TONS of excitement that I get to announce the upcoming 
Blog Hop Celebrating my Blog Turning 1!!!  

Yep, one whole year of blogging.  

I know I say this a lot, but I truly feel blessed to have met some wonderful people (you) in this journey of blogging. I have gained so much knowledge about art which has always been my passion. And now, I see opportunities that I never would have imagined were possible! 

I feel like destiny knocked at my door 5 1/2 years ago (that's when I met my dh), and just keep feeling guided down "the right path" every single day!!! 

Thank You for being part of that!!!

Please mark your calendars and join in on the fun
on January 22, 2012!
I have invited my nearest and dearest Blends (Blog + Friends) to join 
me in this celebration.  Each Blend will take one of my past creations
and let it inspire them to create a new project!
I am so excited to see what they will be making and can't wait to "party"!

 Please feel free to grab this button and display it on your blog to 
encourage your friends to join in on the fun, too.

There will be some fun prizes up for grabs along the way, and just to give you a sneak peek at
some of the candy you could win, take a look at this . . . 

I am offering not 1, not 2, but . . . 3 Unity Stamp Grab Bags to 3 lucky Hoppers!!!

It is with delight that Angela, of Unity Stamp Company  
has agreed to let me share some Unity Stamps with my friends!!!
 I had so much fun stamping the goody bags, with Unity Stamps  of course, and 
getting them prepped to go to their new homes!!!

Look forward to seeing you there!!!

Keep Crafting

     Wow, that is fabulous Jessica, a big thank you goes out to Angela from Unity Stamp for such great prizes, sweet!!! So hop along and have a blast, fingers crossed your comment wins you one of these fab prizes! 

Cindy   :)