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Paper cakes

            Hello my crafty friend! How are you today.
     The next few posts will be about my paper cakes. I think it was around 2008 or 2009, can't quite remember, but anyway I upgraded to the Cricut Expression from the baby bug. I noticed the website addy and the rest is history. While making friends and sharing projects I seen a post about a cake in a box where you pull the lid off, the sides fall down and in the centre is a cake. I read about it and discovered that a company called sizzix used to have a die cut for a cake, it was one of the older black thick ones. Well I had never seen it any where and figured I probably wouldn't find one, so I looked at the cake and thought hmmmm I have the cricut and design studio let me see what I can do with this. I loved the idea of the cake in the box and just had to figure out a way to make them.
      These were the first three cakes I made, I still have the purple one, never did make a box for it, LOL!!! Anyway, in Design Studio, I placed three circles on the cutting mat and three 1" thick rectangle strips. Since I am not so good at math and didn't know how to figure out how long the strips would need to be for the circles I just made them 11.5 9 and 7 inches long to begin with and each were 1" wide. I placed tiny little triangles all along one edge of each strip with the points facing out. They all slightly over lapped each other and the edge of the strip. I welded them all in place so they would cut out as one piece ea.
     I used my score tool along the edge of the triangles where they joined the strip and folded them over. I did some embossing to the strips then glued them in place around the edges of the circles, cutting off the excess if there was a lot and tucking the end inside the cake layer. I glued the layers on top of each other and decorated the cakes with flowers and ribbons and stuff. These cakes in a box became very popular and I have made a ton. I have also had a lot of inquiries for a tutorial which I am still working on.
     Hope you like them and come back to see more posts about these cakes in their boxes all decorated up. Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you visiting my blog and really enjoy reading your comments on my projects. Have a craft happy day :) hugs xo


  1. Wow, Cindy, what beautiful paper cakes! So very pretty! I am now following you from the Looking for Followers forum at Outlawz.

  2. What a wonderful and creative project!! Love it!! I noticed in your profile that you are from Ontario. I live in Toronto, so "Hello neighbour!"
    Thanks for following my blog. I am a follower of yours too!

  3. ty ladies, awesome Guylou....I might be in T.O. this wkend