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"Thanks" tickets

     Hello my crafty friend, how are you today? I hope all is well with you and yours! Today I thought I'd share a project that I did for a girl a couple yrs ago now. She was getting married and asked my sister if we could make 500 tickets that say thanks or thank you on them for the guests at the wedding. My sister called me and we set to coming up with something for her. She said they wanted to give each guest two tickets for drinks on them at the reception. We made several different ones and then decided on which one we felt looked the nicest and was easiest to read. My sister figured I could make 500 and pair them up by tying two together with a brown or green ribbon. We tried several different ones tied together and they didn't sit right, they seemed to bulky to me. And not easy to rip off of the ribbon one at a time. 

We decided on this style and as I was making them I was thinking oh my lord, this is gonna take forever. After I made about 200 of them I thought heyyyy, why don't I perforate the tickets in half to make one ticket equal two. So that's what I ended up doing. The bride and groom loved the tickets and the idea of the perforation.
When I was done making all 250 tickets, I wanted to present them in a nice way to them, not just hand them a couple stacks of tickets in a shopping bag. I had this dollar store box hanging around and it was the right colour so I put the tickets in and they filled the box perfectly. So I made a fancy cover to glue to the lid, cut out a flower pot on the cricut and the flowers I needed to make the paper roses.
 These paper roses I learnt how to make yrs ago by a very talented lady and her blog is Susan Bluerobot, this is the link to the directions to make these roses: http://susanbluerobot.blogspot.com/2008/09/how-to-make-paper-roses.html
 My sister seen a gift bag at the dollar store in the right green so I cut out the stamp in brown and the bride and groom in cream and adhered to the front of the bag, much nicer way to present them to the bride and groom. They totally loved the tickets and appreciated all the work I put into making them. Since my sister was working full time and I was on sick leave from a surgery mishap I took the whole project on to give me something to do.

 "Thanks"  was cut with the cricut for some
  and the rest were done with the cuttlebug with the Ty set that comes with the embossing folder and the die cut template. I have a tin full of left over thanks and thank you's!
 The double heart is a punch.
     Thank you for stopping by my blog today, I hope I gave you an idea if someone asks you to make drink tickets for their wedding reception or other get together. Have a great day and Happy Scrappin'.

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  1. Very awesome set of projects! I like your thinking on those drink tickets!