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I won!! I won!!!

     Hello my crafty friend,  guess what?!?! I get emails from FaveCrafts all the time, daily at least, sometimes more than once a day from different editors. In one of these emails I was reading I seen that you could enter a project to win a flip pal scanner. I wasn't sure what that was so I checked it out and it is way cool.

 January Blog Hop Winner
     I decided hey, why not I have just as good a chance as any one else right?  So I entered, then told all my friend on FB, and other places I play regularly, called family members etc. and asked for their support. I even told them if they had something they were proud of and wanted a chance at it to enter, and to let me now so I could vote for them as well. I voted for almost every project that was entered anyway :) Every month on the 15th you can enter one of your projects into their contest, if it meets the criteria, or create a new project for your chance to win a fabulous prize. 
     You can see the contest posting here the project I entered here which is project entry #5. This is the post where I was declared the winner here, woohoo. Do you think I am a little excited, I never one anything like this before, it's so awesome.  I just received the email this morning for my mailing address YAY!!! It will be on it's way shortly, can't wait to play with it. I did have a bit of trouble getting the email, not sure what happened but I couldn't find it in my reg or junk email even though I knew it was sent. I guess it is floating in cyber space some where.   LOL!

Hi Cindy,

I sent the email directly to you, not via our blogger list. Perhaps it 
went into spam? Here's what it said: Congratulations! You won our 
January Blog Hop prize! Can you please send me your address so I can 
send the scanner to you? Congrats again, and thanks for participating!



Karisa Tell

a few contact details have been omitted for Karisa's sake :) 

     I would like to thank everyone that voted for me, you guys are awesome! Don't forget to sign up to Favecrafts, it doesn't matter what type of craft you are into, there is bound to be something on there that appeals to you, or maybe someone you know. Fun site! Ty for popping by and checking out my exciting news today, I wish you a great craft happy day!

Cindy   :)


  1. CIndy big congrats to you. What a unique tool too!

  2. That is super duper fantastic Cindy! So happy for you darling!

  3. Woohoooo.... how AWESOME is that Cindy. Congratulations, so well deserved. It's such a nice feeling winning something hey. Enjoy your new tool. Tons of happy hugs for you, Sharon x

  4. Yippee! Congrats on such a fun win!

  5. Awesome! Have fun with your new toy.

  6. ty so much all my crafty friends :)