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My son's b-day card

     Hi there, just me again LOL. I wanted to share the card I made for my second son's birthday which was yesterday, Jan. 25th. This card didn't start out as his, but I do love how it turned out and I am glad I took the direction I did. One of my favourite stamp sets to collect are Peachy Keen, and I like to join in their challenges. Not only to try to win a prize but also to use the adorable stamps I am spending my hubby's hard earned money on when I can sneak a little from him, LOL! Not being able to work sucks!
     The newest challenge is PK Challenge 01: Pockets. We were asked to create a project that has a pocket on it, any kind of pocket we desire. Great challenge, I love being able to freely create anything I want with one simple stipulation. Well except that I have too many ways to interpret it, LOL! So I knew I needed to have a pocket and if I wanted to be eligible for the prize (of course ;} ) I needed to use a PK stamp. No problem, I don't have as many as some but I have more than others to choose from. It also helps that I got my aunt hooked on these bad boys as well and lucky for me she left her stamps in my craft room for me to use whenever my lil ole heart desires, YAY tx aunt Kathy, love ya.
     I had the idea to make a card that resembled a pair of jeans, with one of the back pockets on it, I was planning on making a cute little valentine like the one's kids give out in school with one of the PK flower stamps, and I did get it all coloured up and layered and looking cute, but then I couldn't decide whether to put it on the pocket resembling a patch or make it into a little valentine and stuff it in the pocket. I suppose I could have just coloured up another one and did both ideas, LOL to late now.
     I did a lot of faux stitching on the waist band, belt loops and pocket to make it look like jeans, on my denim look paper. I wish I had more of that stuff, it's awesome, I love it! It is thin paper though so I cut a piece of white card stock to size and glued them together. I have these templates that go with my black foam pad called In Stitchz by Bassill Basics. I used part of one to make the holes on the pocket and then sewed the pattern on it with my white embroidery floss. I used my eyelet setter on the top two corners of the pocket for the closed eyelets, if that's what they are called. LOL
    Suddenly I thought to myself hey I could make a man's wallet for in the pocket, then another thought, heyyyy it's Jay's bday on wed and I need a bday card for Thursdays challenge at The Outlawz, I should do that, yaaaaaa, and so my card was born. I made the wallet and then was wondering how am I going to make it easy to get the wallet out of the pocket with out him ripping it, then I had the vision in my head of some guys that have their wallets with the chains attached to it and then it is hooked to a belt loop, so people can't pick pocket your wallet I suppose. I knew I had some light chain in with some beads and stones I have from some cheapo jewellery I bought for their charms. I took it and found a larger thin key ring type thingy and hooked it to the belt loop and the wallet. I think it turned out pretty sweet don't you? It actually remind me of my father in laws jeans, may he rest in peace, but he always wore light blue jeans.

     I made blue $5.00, purple $10.00 and green $20.00 bills out of tissue paper that I just inked in their coordinating colours, and wrote their currency amount on in a coordinating gel pen. I cut different coloured strips of paper and rounded the corners to resemble gift cards and such. He is really into movie's and video games so those are the types of cards I made. I really love the black paper I used for the belt and wallet it has a shiny leather look to it so it was perfect for this project :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to see what I have been up to. I hope you like my sons birthday card, I know he does :) Perhaps I have inspired you to get crafty and make something for someone you love on their special day. I love to read comments from my visitors and would love to hear from you, so if you have a minute could you please let me know you were here. I will pop over to your blog to say heyy and show you some love tooo :) Thanks again, have a blessed day and make it scrappy.

Cindy   :)


  1. This is so cute. I'm sure he will love it.

  2. OMgosh this is so darn cute! I didn't have time to enter the challenge but have an idea in my head for the pocket...will have to share to all later.
    Good luck -- C

  3. Cute pocket card!

  4. What a great birthday card, the jeans idea you went with is so cute, especially for a guy!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your son, really cool card you've made for him.

    Hugs, Lori m

  6. Wow that is an awesome card. Tons of fab work on that one. Bet your son loved it :)

  7. what a great idea super creative I love the little wallet :) x

  8. AWESOME job with your great card!!:)

  9. How cute is that!! Love this card.

    the cricut scrapper

  10. such a fabulous idea... Love the card.
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    We are celebrating with several giveaways! :)

  11. WOW!! How cool is this card!!!! Thanks for stopping by Link Up for Pink's new site and for displaying our badge!! :)

  12. Wow this looks like such a fun card. Love how you added the wallet!