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Souper Fun PK Challenge 16

     Hey there my crafty friend, ty for stopping by to see what I have for you today. The new Peachy Keen Challenge this week is to make a 3D project using a soup can! As soon as I saw that I knew I just had to make a luminiere. (At least I think that's what it's called, lol)
Here's my can before...
    A couple of  holes on the eyes got away from me, it was really hard to hammer a pin on the line when you can't see if your on it when your hand is in the way holding the pin. LOL But I didn't do to badly :) I used my copics for the nose and the cheeks, but the cheeks weren't showing up like the nose was so I used a pink sharpie.

    At first I was making it so it would hang from a branch or something and I'd put a candle in it for the light to shine through, then I thought ohhhhhh all the rain is going to get in and it will get all rusty. Plus I didn't want to use real candles because I painted the inside of the can white. Flames would wreck it and the can would get hot and black inside. I wanted to paint the outside to but it isn't easy stamping the face on a soup can,  it can slip giving you shadow lines, which happened to me on my first attempt. I am using Staz On black ink, luckily I can fix mishaps with a q-tip and some goo-gone but if I had painted it white, I wouldn't be able to do that. I had to erase the image a few times and start over trying to get a good impression. 
     You have to carefully ink up your stamp really well, position your can so it can't roll and lay your stamp over the area you want the image. Carefully press all the inky areas and try to push some of the ink pad into the ridges. I got really good coverage and only had to fix a few spots with my black sharpie. The first one I made with the opening at the top, and I used a small finishing nail to make all the holes but I could only manage to get the holes in the valley's of the ridges instead of the hills. The holes were all different sizes and although it was really cute and completely usable I started over.
    This time I turned the can upside down and made it into a table top ornament, I used a pin to make all the holes, they are more uniform, smaller and I could put holes in the hills and the valleys, it was much easier.
     To punch the holes I had an old Ferero Rocher container, I set the can in there with a plastic lid from the nails so it wouldn't move as I was hammering the pin, this worked out awesome.
     After I got him all full of holes I thought he needed something so I gave him a hat from half of a plastic bubble container I picked up at M's a while ago with lace in it. I just painted the inside of it with blue acrylic paint, and wrote my sentiment on the outside with a black sharpie.
         After all this I can't find my little battery operated candles, they must be packed away with my Christmas stuff, but I always have a few in here for different projects I make, no idea what I did them after change my rm around a few weeks ago, hmmmm. Oh well, no biggie, my MIL bought these light up footballs to put in some candle holders I altered a couple yrs ago for a wedding shower I put on, they glow blue and have 3 settings, I left it on the constant glow setting so it wouldn't be flashing, to hard to take a pic that way, LOL! 

I tried but can't get a good shot in the dark, I wish I had a tri-pod

     It's my youngest sons girlfriends B-day in 2 weeks, and he wants to give this to her, she will love it, she saw me making it and kept saying how cute it is, and that she wants to make one :) Her fave colours are blue and green, that's why I made a blue hat with green trim for it :) She doesn't know she's getting it, the hat fits perfectly, like it was made for this project and look what will be going inside!  :) She's gonna freak LOL How exciting!

     I hope you enjoyed my project today, and maybe you got some cool ideas floating around in your head now to make something like this. I actually want to make a bunch of these but with different faces, now I need the whole set LOL and I want them in my Gazebo hooked to the mini lights, that would be soooo cool :) I guess we better eat more soup, we rarely eat soup, usually only use it to make my noodles and sauce, mushroom pork chops or scalloped potatoes. But I need a bunch of these! LOL Thank you for dropping by, please leave me a comment so I can visit you too, I love to see what your up to and leave some love! Happy Scrappin!

Cindy   :)



  1. super cute love the look and idea thanks for sharing please come over and follow with me here at http://craftydeb-ddscrafts.blogspot.com/
    hugs Debbie

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  3. oh wow that is so awesome its so super cute

  4. This is tooo cute and very creative punching the holes in it to light up !!! LOL LOL It is adorable !! Is that a ring I see on the top of the can ???? mmmmmm lol
    awesome job showing everyone how!!! Thanks so much for playing along with us at Peachy Keen !!!


  5. Oh it is so unique and awesome Cindy-- Only you could come up with something so special with a tin!!


  6. I love these...I've 'drilled' designs on soup cans, a little bigger holes. And placed them out on the walk ways of the house. Love the face idea! TFS

  7. HOW CUTE!!!! Love this! Wow she is going to freak when she sees the ring! Great idea! Thanks for playing along with The Souper Fun challenge at Peachy Keen Stamps! Hugs, Leanne

  8. Now that is thinking outside the can! Very nice.

  9. This is so cute! I love the idea. Lighting up that Peachy face is really thinking outside the box. Thanks for playing along at Peachy Keen Stamps!

  10. Oh my goodness this is simply amazing!!! WOW!!! Thank you so much for joining us this week!!!

    Raven~PKS DT

  11. Oh My GOSH!!! How exciting for your son and what a fabulous idea! She is going to freak! Thanks for sharing how you made this. It is so adorable! I love the blue light! My oldest son just got married in February. It was such a proud moment! :)

  12. WoW! this is such a great idea!! Thanks for joining the PK Challenge!

  13. OH WOW!! I LOVE THIS SOUP CAN!! How awesome it turned out and what a great idea! :) Thank you for playing along at PKS! :) Hugs, Kathy

  14. what a fantastic idea, I would've never thought to make a night light. so creative. What a fantastic job. Thank you for sharing your project.

    Also thank you for joining the PKS challenge

    Peachy Keen Stamps design team

  15. That is like the coolest. Thanks for the tutorial.