Darling Butterfly



It's a Party

     Hey there, am I happy to see you! Why? Cause I wanted to let you know about the party that's gonna be going on starting June 24th and running through till June 30th, I guarantee you don't want to miss it!! Where? Over at The Outlawz, it's gonna be tons of fun, with games and lots of great prizes from our wonderful generous sponsors.
     What are we celebrating? We reached 2000 members, that's not only a huge accomplishment but a great reason to Party, not that we need a reason, LOL it's always a party over at The Outlawz. Great friends, fun conversations and lots of awesome prizes to be had in the on going challenges.
     This time the theme for the party is   "Where in the World!" We want to know where you are from-your country, state, province, street - or where ever your heart longs to be! We have members from all over the world and they would love to share where they are from with you! Won't you come share too?!?!
     So bookmark us, mark us on your calendar, set an alarm, write it backwards on your forehead or tie a string around your pinky...whatever it takes to remind you to come play and have a blast with us!  I was brand new to The Outlawz for the 1000 member party last Oct. This time around I'm on the Sketch Challenge team that runs on Wednesday's and I love it! 
     At this party we'll have an 8 blog "Tutorial/Technique"  hop, a crossword puzzle,  Bingo, a word scramble,  and of course each DT will have a challenge for you to enter showing us where your from. Doesn't this sound like fun? I think so and can't wait to get this party started!
    I wanted to add to links to this, really cool ones from over at The Outlawz but I am still having trouble with them, enough that it is giving me a headache, so I'll try again later! See you soon my crafty friend! Thanks so much for stopping by :) hugs

Cindy  :)


  1. Sorry you're having issues! You know I'll be at the party!

  2. LOL Trina... see you there mdf, hugs :)

  3. hope you will feel better my friend

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun. I'm a member of OL too and try to get over there as much as I can...life gets busy, ya know! Thanks for all the info on the party. --C

  5. FABULOUS necklaces, Cindy!!! I cannot wait to try this! I am going to have a go at the earrings you suggested too! YOU ROCK!!!

    Love and hugs to you my DT Sistah!