Darling Butterfly



Craft Room Tour

Welcome to my Craft Room.....this is the latest of many craft room re-do's..... I am loving this one!

Click on the pics for a better view

 This pic is the wall to your left when you enter the room

 my pink cricut hiding under the BC material, it is actually a bandana, I bought 3 or 4 of these so someone can make me a cover for my cricut and hopefully my cuttlebug to match.... my idea of sewing is getting out the glue gun, but that wouldn't look good, lol
 LOVE my jet max cubes....when I get a bigger CR, I want a whole wall of these. So I can get rid of all the shelves on the wall
 The sterilite drawers are also very handy, love that they come in various sizes

 My "Sisters" shelf, I love all the stuff she buys me, she made me the scrapbook memory album when I had surgery to give my husband a kidney, I almost didn't make it and this album reminds me of that and the second chance I have at life. I look through it often and love it so much, it's gorgeous inside and out just like my sister...I love you Kandace!!!
hmmmmm the jet max cubes on the left keep all my Spellbinders, cuttlebug, sizzix and quickutz etc cutting dies, my embossing folder collection from several companies, all my alphabet dies, glitter and embossing powders etc, on the right I store most of my stamps, inks, ink blocks, bling, paints and xyron's in various sizes. I also love the carousel, it's fantabulous!!!

 Decorated my bar fridge with vinyl...every girl needs a bar fridge in their CR, we get thirsty playing with all that paper ;) It isn't finished yet, I want to add a big pink Cricut head, lol
 Breast Cancer Bear and Minnie mouse over see all that is created....LOL They sit on a large portion of my punch collection, each drawer has a different themed punch, ie: flowers, hearts, snowflakes/winter, fancy borders, the rest of my punches are in another 2 drawers of a 3 drawer sterilite organizer drawer on the brown shelf unit to the left
A few things I've made or received from others
I store my scrapbooking totes and my laptop bag up here. I also have two large bins that I keep all the packaging that spellbinders dies and cricut carts come in, they come in handy on a lot of my projects.  I think I can stop collecting them now, I have enough to last me a few years, I only use small pieces  at a time, LOL!!! And I didn't take the time to cut all the edges off them yet, when I do that I will prob only have one small drawer full  hahahaha. Someday....
I bought this shelf  for 3.00 one day and had it for years, still in the package, unassembled. I finally put it together and found a use for it. :)
ahhh yessss....more cubes.....lol
This shelf actually holds 12 jars of prima flowers now, each jar has a little aluminum tag hanging from it with a month of the year with co ordinating coloured flowers in them, soooo pretty and cheap, they came in sets of 3 for 2.49 ea. in beautiful packaging to boot....what a score!!! I should update this pic.....
 P*I*N*K  stands for Pretty Intelligent Natural Knockout:! This  image was actually on a reuseable shopping bag I received as a gift from my Red Hat ladies, but I loved it tooo much to use it, didn't want it getting ruined, but it wasn't getting used or seen either so I cut it out and framed it...instant wall art...Love it

 Cool piece of scrapbook paper, one day I might finish colouring it in....maybe....lol
 Love my tool caddy...is actually a condiment holder for BBQ's from Canadian Tire at Father's Day time, I wanted something white and pink to put my most used items in and its got 6 sections in it, it's perfect so I vinyled it tooo. It holds pens, pencils, rulers, ATG gun, glue pens, tons of scissors, and various other sharp and not so sharp must have tools, lol
 Needed the larger screen for Design Studio...eyes aren't what they use to be....but now I use my gypsy more, go figure...well now that they have Cricut Craft Room it will come in handy again, I have played their but haven't cut anything, I have read it cuts things out better, I sure hope so, 3 dif cricuts and always have problems cutting.....love my cricut but uber love my spellbinders

 awwwwwwwwwwwwww  12X12 paper, I think I could use more though, I don't have many paper pads from all the awesome companies out there now....
 8.5X11 paper is in the sterilite drawers, ribbon is in the top drawer of the drawer unit, the other two hold an enourmous amount fo misc stuff, like my glue gun, embossing heat gun, mini  craft sewing machineand lots of other stuff,  (I know, I don't sew...but its purple and cute and one day I hope I won't be afraid of it, lol) My vinyl is in the blue recycle bin from a previous remodel, patterned 8.5 X 11 paper is in the pink BC file folder holder....
All my christmas ribbon is in containers and on the white shelf, my sister bought me that a few yrs back, it is actually for drying flowers for craft projects. Under the ribbon holder is two tool caddies from the guys tool section at Canadian Tire, spray painted white because they were navy blue....eeekkkkk
 hey there's my naked cricut, lol I really should vinyl her up, cricut carts, jars of flowers and embellies and loads of other stuff is kept on these shelves

 awwwww my cuttlebug....love her toooo, just wish she wasn't green, I don't like green, I bought raspberry Krylon spray paint but haven't had the nerve to paint her yet....gonna have to now that I have the Grand Calibur...she's a beautiful rasp colour....love her toooo
 oh yaaaaaa....Xyron is an awesome must have tool, I have two small ones, only because the Pink BC one was on sale for 75% off so I just couldn't let that go since I collect everything breast cancer
 the shelf with the brown 12X12 Martha Stewart paper holders are full of papers I bought to make my Son and DL their wedding album, the rest of whats on this shelf is embellies etc for it, sadly they have been married a yr and I'm not done it yet, I only started it 3 yrs ago.....eeekkkkkk!!! LOL there is a whole bunch of miscellaneous things in all these sterilite drawer units,
My scrapbook albums, two binders of print outs from cartridges, (not all of them) the zippered tote thingy on the end holds all my stickers and the bag beside it holds on my alphabet stickers
so neat and tidy....I try to keep it like this for the most part...I can't work in a mess, and it has to be clean before I can start a new project, if I am working on a large project and I have a lot of stuff out, I will clean up a few times so I don't lose anything....I already lost the overlay to Life's a Beach cart, I can't find that sucker any where....

My Gypsy is looking lonely, wants to come out and play
 All my music cd's and downloaded computer disc's, the Coke bottles were from the Olympic Torch run through our city for the Vancouver  winter Olympics
The bottom drawers of the closet I built :) have a lot of stuff I rarely use, prob cause its to far down to reach for it, LOL

I hope you enjoyed my tour, maybe you will get some storage ideas, if you have any questions or want to let me know you like my room, please slip me a comment.
Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your craft happy day!!!


  1. I am so JEALOUS! I so need a craft room!

  2. I love it in here, I built and organized it myself, went to the Home Depot got the wood for the counters and built them. I am very proud of my CR ty

  3. what an amazing stamp room, I am soooo jealous..lol...i stamp in a ting corner in our family room..lol...but hey it gets the job done...hope you have a super day!

    enjoy *~*

  4. Hi Cindy: Just took a tour of your craft room....lovely. I am putting mine back together after just moving - I'll build the cabinets I need after the new year, I have too many cards to make right now. Nice work space you have. Hugs.

  5. Oh my goodness me... I would love to come for a playdate with you Cindy. I'll just sit and stare at all your beautiful goodies in your craftroom. Lovely ideas you have here honey. Makes me wish I had a house, instead my craftroom forms part of my bedroom (pics on my blog). I really love to see where my crafty friends get to create their cards and other projects. Wow! hugs Sharon x

  6. Love your craft room. Mine use to look the same. I tried to comment on your room via PCP,but it didn't show up there. I moved into a teeny tiny condo, so now I don't have that room anymore. I used new primed thick bifold doors a neighbor gave me, he's into flooring & a client took them out of their brand new condo. So he brought them to me & I used them for my shelves. They looked like I bought them from IKEA. Reall nice. I posted pics of my new craft space on MY PAGE over @ PCP. It's all good. I'm actually crafting more.
    LOL : ) Thanks for sharing your craft room pics I love it!

  7. Well as lovely and organized as this craft room is, it can't hold a candle to my covered dining room table! Yeah right! ;D I know I'd have to sell a ton of cards to convince anyone that I should have an awesome room like yours! I love that you have so much storage and actually know what's where...

  8. Fabulous Room, Cindy. I like the tool chests painted white, so I guess I'll let hubby do that when he completes my counters!