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My hockey jersey card

    I hope you all bare with me as I am very new to this blogging thing and I am not sure where I should start. I have so many things I want to share with all of you but don't want to just dump a whole pile of craft pics on here and expect you to wade through them. I have different categories for the things I make, like cards, scrapbook pages (not many lately) baby name frames etc.
    Most things I make are requested by friends or family and I usually have a list of things to make on my white board. I love it.....it means people really enjoy what I make for them, and they love it so much they want to share it with people they love. That really makes me feel good. 
     I also need to figure out how to make categories to post these things, or should I just post away, how will one find a particular thing they are looking for. I also want to do tutorials, I would need a place for those right? So everything that belongs in  a specific category is neatly organized so not only you can find it but I can also if I want to add or edit something. I really hope you like visiting my blog and maybe even book mark it so you can visit me again. I am almost always working on something and love to share it with others who have an appreciation for how much work goes into one project. 
     Maybe I should post about my favourite project, one I am so proud of that when I look at it I say
WOW...I made that? AWESOME!!!  So here it is, one of my all time favourite creations. A friend of mine  saw a card on my FB account that I made for my brother in Mar. of this year. (2011) He was turning 50 so I wanted a really special card, and since he is a hockey fanatic I designed a card shaped like a hockey jersey. She loved it and asked if I would mind making one for her boyfriend. She gave me the info and this is the card I made for him. 

His last name and fav number on the back.....hand cut everything except for the name and small #97, they are from a set of sizzix die cut letters, classic font, cut with the cuttlebug.  The larger 97 I printed off the internet in black and white, cut out, used the cuts as templates and cut out the 97 in white and orange and layered.  I traced and cut a blue base and glued it to the white card base. Cut out the orange and white pieces and glued in place. 
 I hand cut all the blue and orange pieces and did all the shading with a grey pencil crayon, the Oilers symbol was pretty tricky because it was so small so I thought forget it and decided just to print one on cardstock and cut it out to glue on the front as well as the ccm parts inside the collar. Makes it look authentic I think.
I really like how this turned out and it was not a "quick" card by any means. It turned out better than the one I made my brother,.... but that's another post, LOL

Thank you for stopping by, and have a craft happy day :)


  1. This is a definite WOW! I thought for sure at first glance this was a real jersey! This is fantastic!

  2. ty Angela, a lot of people have said that, lol

  3. wow, this is awesome, I thought they where real jerseys....I good way to bee seen and have fun is to join in n different challenges, I am a challenge junkie...lol...have a fabby week!

    btw, I found you while blog hopping, I do that a lot.

    enjoy *~*

  4. Keep posting, Cindy!!! All the pics of your craft room were awesome!! One day at a time and you'll be a pro-blogger! Hee Hee (Then we can nekkid banana dance together!!!) *HUGS*

  5. Cindy, when you're typing your stuff to post on your blog, you'll see a piece called "Labels." That's where you can set up categories for your posts. You make up whatever labels you want! Then you can go to Design, choose Add a Gadget, and pick Labels if you want all of your labels to show up for people to easily go through and find what they want... :D

    And please - for me - turn off comment verification.