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You had me at PINK.....then you said PARTY!!!!  Hellllooo I'm in....LOL

Make everything Pink  then enter to win over at the First Annual ~~ "Link Up For Pink"  ~~linking party...
For all the deets on this awesome party click on the Link Up For Pink badge in my side bar on the right. 
Check out this awesomely beautiful website, that I wish was mine cause it's exactly up my alley. I collect everything breast cancer related in support of research, even my cricut is pink, YAY!!!
Check back to see what I have planned to enter in my first ever linking party...woot!!!

Ok so heres my entry for the party, hope you like it, I have to string some beads for it but I can up date the pics after I get those done. Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving kind comments, it means a lot to me. Have a scrap happy day! :)
Everyone I know, knows somebody that has cancer or someone that passed from cancer myself included. I have lost several loved ones to cancer, although only one had breast cancer, it was still cancer. There are so many ribbons for all the different types. It's a very cruel disease and I pray someday they will cure it. My aunt does the breast cancer runs every year, I buy almost everything I see that has the symbol on it, and one of these years I am gonna be able to attend "Scrap Pink". I never have the money to go or I have a wedding or other commitment that weekend. I can't wait till I can go. It is such a great cause. Thank you ladies for running this great challenge, I will be following your blog and donating everything I make to local BC fund raisers. Last year I made two of these breast cancer lights, one was a donation for a girl who was helping to organize the annual walk for BC and the other was for a woman who's son played hockey with my young nephew. She found out just as the season started that she had this dreaded disease so my sister and I made her a  super duper one. but it cost quite a bit to make, just the words alone were 20.00.  I'll add a pic of that one tooo, but for some reason I can't find the pic of the one I donated. I also had a couple people order a few BC ones, and  Christmas ones. I still have to take a pic of this one with the lights out, so you can see it's soft light. The young mother always comments on how she loves hers, she said it is just enough light and it's soft with a gentle hue or pink hovering around the room, gives her such comfort. At a time likes this, everyone needs comfort. Hope you enjoyed my post! TY


  1. Please go take a look at my blog I left you a gift on today's post!

  2. I just got your email... Your picture showing and you are linked up.... '
    Your project is amazing.. Thank you so much for joining us for Link Up for Pink.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous and creative!
    Thanks for joining Link Up for Pink!