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Handmade Holidays Blog Hop 2011

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     So glad I checked facebook this morning and seen this blog hop, of course I had to go hopping a long like a little bunny, are you kidding me. The talent that's out there and all the different companies that are on this 3 day hop, over 60 I understand. And they are showing off fabulous ideas for handmade gifts for your friends and fa ily member. Even if you don't win a prize your still a winner...there's tons of inspiration for great handmade gift giving. So come on, hop along with me, it will be fun, I am looking forward to making some of these great gifts. Have  a great day, good luck and happy hopping!! 

Cindy :)


  1. This has been a great hop! I wanted to hop in and say thanks for joining me today on the hop :)

  2. Hi Cindy! I replying to your post on my blog... "lol these r cute, great idea, well I am curious to know, what did they think of them, and have they wore them? I would def wear them, they are fun and I love fun, I'm also Canadian so ya I totally recognize the chezzie pkg although I don't think I ever tried this kind, well maybe once or twice, need to get me some and try them again...lol "

    Yes, the ladies wore them, especially the chocolate lover! :) They end up being quite light. It took a bit to get the timing down for the shrinkage and keeping them flat! I used the lunch box size of cheezie bag & haven't tried the regular size just yet. :)
    Funny how you recognized the cheezie's - they are truly a CDN product! :)
    (BlueJay's fan in BC)
    Kelowna, BC