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Creepy Cute with Peachy Keen

     Hello my crafty friends, so glad you dropped by to see what's new. I haven't posted anything for a few days, cause things have been pretty rough around here lately, and although I was crafting I wasn't in the right mind frame for writing. This post needs to be quick and I will have to update it later with the whole story.
     I am entering these paper dolls costumes into Peachy Keens Let's Face it Friday Challenge and am running short on time. If you have seen anything I've posted with their stamps you know how crazy I am about them. The challenge this round is to make something Creepy Cute...I don't know that they qualify as cute but I think I got the creepy part right, LOL!!! I made Hallowe'en costumes for some paper dolls and I have a rather lengthy story to tell about them. You will want to come back for this because it is quite the adventure. I am sooo thrilled to have been a part of it and I will be uploading more pics with the rest of the story in another post.
     On to the Dolls.....I used PK-493 Everyday Character Face Parts and More! that fit Cricut Paper Dolls 3" to 4" for the eyes on the Vampiress, the Vampire, and the Mummy. I created the mouth on the witch and the vampire with some masking tecniques and adding more than one stamp together to accomplish the shape I wanted. I added the vampire teeth with a tooth pick and white acrylic paint. The mouth for the Vampiress is from PK-573 Basic Paper Doll Faces (3'' to 4'') with teeth added in the same fashion as the vampire. The mouth for the mummy is from the same set as her eyes but it is turned side ways, coloured in with a black sharpie and the little line at the bottom of this stamp I masked so it wouldn't show.  Each of the costumes were created with the cricut with a lot of adjusting and sizing as well as some hand cutting to adjust here and there because the paper doll bodies aren't from the cricut series. It was very time consuming getting the outfits to fit right. The mummy was done by tracing her silhouette then cutting it out larger twice, and gluing together, then I cut and inked up several thin strips of white paper and glued on. Can't really tell in the pic unless you click to enlarge but they all have green faces except the mummy of course.

I am entering these Costumes into the LFIF Challenge at Peachy Keen!

     I hope you like my costumes and come back for the story behind the paper dolls! I will start a new post though and include a lot more pics of their Hallowe'en adventure as well as their adventures while visiting me
      I really hope I win a PK challenge one of these days, the prize for this one is a 25.00 gift certificate...OH Hhhhh my I could have some fun with that, biggest problem...I would have to make a decision on which set to get next, cause you know I want one of everything they carry. And they have a new line just out, Yeah that's right, I got the email about it the other day...check this out ~~~> PKKO's  oh my lord, can you say Love at first sight...H E L L O O O!!! I can't wait for things to change around here so I can buy stuff again...cause I just have to get my hands on ALL of these. I adore die cuts and these stamps so ya it's a no brainer that I would want them all. They have an awesome promo for the release...the whole set of the winter release promo stamps and dies for only $211.89. OMG I would so love to be on this band wagon!  Maybe if everybody prays and/or wishes me a lottery win before the 14th of this month I could by them all, well actually I would buy everything they carry but that's beside the point. Anyway...I would do the same for you...all you need to do is ask!!! LOL LOL 

Cindy :)

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  1. Those are FAB! I love my paper dolls cart, it's an oldie but always a goody. I hope PC will do another cart like this again. :-) I have subbed. :-) Your stuff is awesome girl!