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Stained Glass Angel Ornament ~ Tutorial

     Hi there my crafty friend, ty so much for stopping by today. I wanted to share with you a way to use the packaging we recycle from all those cartridges and dies we buy. If you are as addicted as I am you don't want to be filling up the land fill with all that plastic since it isn't biodegradeable.  I use the packaging in all different ways but this is my new favourite idea. Make stained glass ornaments and images for cards. I have previously posted quite a few posts using this technique.
     Today I am showing you how to do it. :)  First decide what you want to make (Card or Ornament?) and what image you want to use.   For this post I used my favourite angel stamp I bought a few years ago to make a tree ornament.  You may have tried the old stained glass method where you stamp on parchment paper and colour the reverse side than where you stamped. Same thing for this technique.
   What I used to make this ornament

 Take a piece of  the packaging and cut to the desired size depending on what your making. For this ornament I cut one large piece, and stamped the image twice.
 Cut in two, then turn over one of the stamped images and colour, then cut out.   Take the second stamped image and colour on the same side that you stamped the image on, cut it out.
 On one image cover all the areas in with co-ordinating stickles to match your marker choices. Set aside to dry.

When the stickled image is dry, glue the two pieces together, the stickles will be in the centre.  Add any embellishments you would like on the front and back of your ornament. Punch a hole in the top and add a string or ornament hanger.

     Thank you so much, I hope you like my idea and my ornament and you get an opportunity to make some of these. They work great on cards to, like this Christmas easel card I made, and this one.  I am working on a table ornament using this technique as well as another tree ornament!!  ;) But those are another post :)

Cindy    :)


  1. Oh wow Cindy, you are so talented! These ornaments are fabulous. Thanks for sharing. Happy holidays, hugs Sharon x

  2. Great tutorial Cindy!! Thank you for sharing it. I am going to give it a try.