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A get well card

     Hello my crafty friend, so happy you came by to see what I've been up to cause I have a cute card for you! Earlier I posted a card I made for the Peachy Keen challenge, it actually was created after this card, cause I thought it was so darned cute I should make another one, but different :) The card for the challenge was a friendship themed card. This one is for my cousin who had a heart attack this week and had to have surgery yesterday. He is home from hospital now and I am going to go visit him tomorrow.
     Earlier today I made a card for my aunt's sister in law who had surgery on her foot and she is still laid up with in a cast. That's another post but I pretty much got the idea for this card from that one. I was thinking about him being laid up from surgery for a few days and wanted something to brighten his day, maybe give him a bit of a chuckle. I thought about turtles and how if they get flipped over it's not that easy for them to get themselves turned back over.
     I thought a shape card would be fun so I created the base on my gypsy, then cut out the actual turtle layers and assembled. This is a very cute, fast and easy card. I used my Peachy Keen PK-450 wide eyed kids face assortment set for his adorable lil face, but I rubbed off the tear drop from his eye before stamping because the tear drop would have been upside down. I also didn't want to make the card look sad, more like thinking how to get though  the current situation. I thought to make it fun I would use an action wobble on the shell, these things are so fun, I only bought 2 to try them, now I need a ton, LOL!!!

     Hope you liked my card today, and ty so much for stopping by. Your comments mean a lot to me, they let me know you were here so I can visit you back :) I hope your having a scrap happy day, see you soon!

Cindy   :)


  1. This is so adorable and thoughtful Cindy!!!!Love it!!!

  2. This card is just so cute. What a creative idea.

  3. TOTALLy TOOOOOOO CUTE for words. Love it esp the shape.

  4. LOL this card is great!!! TFS