Darling Butterfly



Awesome Day!!!

     Hi again, today I am excited to share a bit about my day with you rather than a project. I have been looking forward to it for a couple weeks now. You may know that I have recently become a designer for the Wednesday Sketch Challenges over at The Outlawz. A day or two later, a newbie to The Outlawz was asked to be on the Thursday design team and her work is awesome!
     While "meeting/greeting/congratulating each other and moving about the forum I saw her discussion with another long time designer in the chat forum and seen where she lived.  I think I had to pick my jaw up off the floor, she lives about 20 - 30 mins away. I couldn't believe it and I immediately sent her a private msg telling her where I live, and that we should get together sometime. She replied and agreed, and she told me another member lives an hour away from me. Holy Karoly you can't believe my excitement. To have people so close to me that have the same desire to create and be on the same design team so to speak. How wicked cool is that.
     Anyway, to get to my excitement....she came over today!!!! We had lunch and then checked out my craft room and talked for a little over two hours. It was AWESOME!!! Thank you Darlene for such a fabulous afternoon. When she arrived it was like we knew each other for yrs. even though we only met on the forum a few weeks ago :) She gave me a big hug, which is totally me I hug everyone that is willing :) LOL While we ate lunch we talked about ourselves and a bit about our families. Then we came up here and I showed her a lot of my "stuff", but not everything, would need more than two hours for that LOL  :) I really loved having her over and we plan to get together again, I'll probably go to her place next time and check out her crafty space :) am sooo looking forward to it.
     I hope you can find the time to come visit us over at The Outlawz  and check out all our fun challenges, hopefully become a member and see what awesome creative juices are flowing over there. We have over 1600 members and are growing by leaps and bounds. In my opinion it's the best darn forum on the web. I love it and love all the ladies that play over there, everyone is so nice. We have a different challenge for everyday of the week, so there's lots to choose from, and we have a creative freebie challenge where you are given 2 free digi's and 2 weeks to create something with them, post it in the forum and when the new challenges begins you will receive 2 more free digi's, how cool is that? :) I absolutely love it and am proud to be an Outlaw!! :)
     You should also check out Darlene's blog which is http://www.scrappyduesbydarlene.blogspot.ca/, she hasn't been blogging long, but she sure has been crafting for some time, and she has some gorgeous pieces to share with you. Hop on over and check out her blog, you may even be so inspired to become a follower, I did :)
     Have a scrap happy day and hope to see you soon, bye for now!

Cindy    :) 


  1. Cindy, this is super fantastic, wicked cool! I can feel your enthusiasm. So happy to hear you had a wonderful day and met a new friend nearby. And yes, everything you said about the Outlawz is 100% accurate!
    Hugz sweet Blend. Gonna hop over to see Darlene, now!

  2. How awesome! It's always fun to meet up with crafty buddies! You know I love The Outlawz!

  3. You are making me blush! lol I just got your message about your blog post today right after I posted mine about a half an hour ago and I posted about our meeting as well! I have to say you are better with words than I but I share the same feelings as you! I look forward to the next time!

  4. Cindy, how great that you found someone so close by to visit with. Love reading your stories. Will see if I can join in your hop this weekend.