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Bunnies and Banners Blog Hop

       Heyyyy.....how's it goin?  I really hope you can join me for a blog hop this wkend, so far I am in the one on Sunday, but if I can get another banner finished I might be able to be in the Sat one too! I have to ask Ellen, she had a few people unable to be in it for various reasons so I don't think it would be a problem  :) 
     A wonderful lady named Ellen (Cardmonkey) Jarvis puts on these hops quarterly, to get banners for the kids at the pediatric specialty care centre where she works to help brighten their lives and bring smiles to their lil faces :) They are so deserving and precious! The hop for this quarter is Bunnies and Blossoms for kids, and the theme is spring/ Easter, there are many talented crafters in the line up so you won't be disappointed. :O) I don't have the write up yet so I am uncertain of prizes, but this hop isn't about that, it's about bringing smiles to these kids faces which ultimately creates the best kind of sunshine!  If there happens to be some candy along the way woot woot, bonus!!! I am going to try to get my hands on something to offer :)
     I sure hope you all can drop by and check it out.  If you see this early enough and would like to put it on your blog to help spread the word that would be fantastic :) Thank you so much for you support, see you at the hop :

Cindy       :) 

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